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      Call the rectory office to set up an appointment with Fr. Dominic for instructions. 



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 Baptism is the first sacrament and therefore the door to all other sacraments.  In baptism one sacramentally dies with Jesus Christ and is raised to a new life with Him.  Most Catholics are baptized as infants.  We practice infant baptism because we believe that faith which is the necessary precondition for baptism is not an individual but rather a communitarian reality.  Anyone regardless of age is baptized in the faith of the Church not solely by virtue of his or her personal faith.

 The Church requires that at least one parent and one godparent is an active and participating Catholic who accepts the responsibility to support and raise the child in the Catholic faith.  Parent(s) are required to attend the Baptismal Preparation class prior to the baptism and are encouraged to do so before the birth of the child if possible.  Contact Fr. Dominic Young for a schedule of the baptismal classes.  For information on the RCIA process as adapted for children if a child has reached the age of consent (7 years old), please call the rectory office to speak to Fr. Dominic.

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