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Plague Journal

"Plague Journal" by Michael D. O'Brien

published 1999  

269 pages

Read by Mary- St. Ann Parishioner


Nathaniel, nicknamed Tan, is an editor of his own little newspaper & rambles on about the articles he has written in hopes of waking up those who refuse to see what is happening in the world around them.  Tan is a rebel in his own right & calling out in the night warning that the government is changing & rights are disappearing; and so are individuals who disagree; only to be ignored.   Refusing to be silenced & conform to current attitude of socialist government he faces the consequences which changes his life & his children lives as well.  On the run accused of trumped up crimes he didn’t commit, he keeps a journal of the events as they happen.   Tan eventually will turn & walk into the face of his enemy. 

The novel is a story but at times it is hard to follow because he shifts from his articles, to his painful past memories & back into the present time.  It reads as a journal & the memories are jumbled & sometimes hard to keep up with.  I have read & enjoyed other books that Mr. O’Brien has written.  It is not a book for a quick & easy read.