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Marriage Policy

Celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony  




Initial appointment  

Preparation for your marriage begins by contacting the parish office for an appointment at least six months before the proposed marriage date. During this interview, the whole preparation process will be explained; your initial questions will be answered; the freedom of both parties to enter into marriage will be determined; and an appointment will be scheduled for the couple to complete the FOCCUS program.  

Times scheduled for marriage liturgy  

Marriages are usually celebrated on Saturdays. The marriage liturgy may begin no later than 2:00 p.m., and the church must be vacated no later than 3:00 p.m. The pastor’s obligation for confessions and vigil Masses begins at 4:30.  


Couples must meet with the music minister to choose the music program for the marriage liturgy. This helps eliminate “last minute” scheduling problems. Only approved sacred liturgical songs are appropriate before, during and after the celebration in church. Other music should be reserved for the reception.  We provide a cantor as well.  Other musicians/vocalist must be approved by the pastor in advance and music selections must correspond with church directives.   

Decorations and appointments  

Floral and artistic decorations are to enhance, not hinder, the celebration of the sacrament. Liturgical guidelines for decorating will be followed.  

All decorations must reflect the “noble simplicity” of the Church’s liturgy.  No arrangements are allowed in the sanctuary proper and all liturgical/seasonal decorations remain where they are.  Pew bows and the like may be used, no dropping of petals, rice or bird seed is permitted in the church or on church property.  


A civil license is required for marriage in Indiana. It is the couple’s responsibility to acquire this license. You must bring this license to the rehearsal.  



Rehearsals are normally scheduled for the evening before the wedding, but they may be held on some other day before the wedding. Check with the priest to schedule the rehearsal. Rehearsals last approximately 45 minutes if all involved in the wedding are on time.  

Please be prompt. The possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on church property are not permitted.


The taking of pictures in the church during the ceremony is permitted by a professional photographer. The photographer is to contact the priest before the wedding ceremony.  

No photographers are permitted in the sanctuary.  

Video cameras  

Video cameras are permitted. Those taking the videos must see the priest prior to the ceremony.  Fees

  1. Priest’s stipend: The couple is free to give a stipend as they wish or to give a donation to the Matthew 25 Soup Kitchen.  
  2. Organists & vocalists a. The stipend for the organist is $125 and the vocalist also receives $75.  
  3. Parish Hall: The use of the hall must be made at the time of the initial contact and there is no fee to parishioners. Alcohol is not permitted any time in the hall. The event must be concluded and the hall returned to its original condition by 9:00 p.m.