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Mass Intentions

Weekly Mass intentions:

  • Saturday, May 20th.... (Vigil--4:30 pm): Richard Rodgers
  • Sunday, May 21st...(7:30 am):  Kathleen Smith
  •                                     (10:00 am): Ed Buckles
  •                                     (Noon):  For the Parish
  • Monday, May 22nd ...(7:00 am):  Elizabeth Lehe
  • Tuesday, May 23rd....(7:00 am):  Barbara Kochert
  • Wednesday, May 24th...(7:00 am):  Vaughn Zink
  • Thursday, May 25th....(7:00 am):  Ed Buckles
  • Friday, May 26th ...(7:00 am):  Poor Souls
  • Saturday, May 27th....(Vigil--4:30 pm):  Kathleen Smith
  • Sunday, May 28th....(7:30 am):  For the Parish
  •                             (10:00 am):  Ed Buckles
  •                             (Noon):  Dan Talley