Holy Day of Obligation-Aug. 15th
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Mass Intentions

Weekly Mass intentions:

  • Saturday, Aug.12th.... (Vigil--4:30 pm): Ron Reeves
  • Sunday, Aug. 13th...(7:30 am):  Cecelila Pickart
  •                                   (10:00 am): Stanley Pickart
  •                                   (Noon):  For the Parish
  • Monday, Aug. 14th ...(7:00 am):   Elizabeth Lehe
  • Tuesday, Aug. 15th.... HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION
  •                                     (7:00 am):  Sam & Mabel Johnson
  •                                     (Noon):  Dan & Janet Meyer
  •                                     (7:00 pm): For the Parish
  • Wednesday, Aug. 16th...(7:00 am):  Don Danaher
  • Thursday, Aug. 17th....(7:00 am):  Special Intention
  • Friday, Aug. 18th.....(7:00 am):  Poor Souls in Purgatory 
  • Saturday, Aug. 19th...(Vigil--4:30 pm):  Dan & Janet Meyer
  • Sunday, Aug. 20th....(7:30 am):  Elizabeth Lehe
  •                                  (10:00 am):  Ken DeLion
  •                                  (Noon):  For the Parish