Father's Day
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Pray for Priests! June 2017

June 2017

O Jesus, Eternal Priest, keep all your priest within the shelter of Your Sacred Heart, especially our new priests, Fr. Michael Bower, Fr. Cole Daily, Fr. John Nguyen, and Fr. Coady Owens.  Keep pure and unearthly their hearts sealed with the sublime marks of Your glorious priesthood.  Let Your Holy Love surround them and our deacons and seminarians, especially _____ and _____.  Shield them from the world's contagion.  O Mary, Queen of the clergy, obtain for us more holy priests.    Amen.   

 Fr. Dennis Faker 06-01  Will Beardmore
 Fr. Thomas Fox 06-02  Michael Block
 Fr. Samuel Futral 06-03  Chris Bock, p
 Fr. Alan Funk 06-04  Ed Boes, p
 Fr. Dan Gartland 06-05  Dcn. Christian DeCarlo
 Fr. Philip Gilbert 06-06  Dcn. James DeOreo
 Fr. James Goodrum 06-07  Jason Diebolt
 Fr. Dennis Goth 06-08  Joseph Domina

 Fr. Joseph Grace

06-09  Jatthew Jakupco
 Fr Paul Graf 06-10  Thomas Kappes
 Dcn. Mike Gray 06-11  Griffin McHaffie
 Fr. Donald Gross 06-12  Andrew Morand
 Fr. Thomas Haan 06-13  Tim Perry, p
 Fr. Kevin Haines 06-14  Joe Poremski, p
 Fr. Phil Haslinger 06-15  Steve Seitz, p
 Fr. David Hasser 06-16  James Shaw
 Fr. David Hellman 06-17  Chuck Springer, p
 Fr. Bill Hollbrook 06-18  Will Summerlin
 Fr. Keith Hosey 06-19  Andrew Thornton
 Fr. David Hoying 06-20  Jeffery Todd, Jr
 Fr. Paul Hudson 06-21  Elliot Zak
 Fr. David Huemmer 06-22  Stan Zak,p
 Fr. Kevin Hurley 06-23  Sean Aaron
 Fr. Josh Janko 06-24  Michael Block
 Dcn John Jezierski 06-25  Chris Bock, p
 Fr. Samuel Kalu 06-26  Ed Boes, p
 Fr. Mike Kettron 06-27  Dcn Christian DeCarlo
 Fr. John Kiefer 06-28  Dcn James DeOreo
 Fr. Leroy Kinnaman 06-29  Jason Diebolt
 Ch. Lt. Col John Kinney 06-30  Joseph Domina

p= studying for permanent diaconate