Holy Day of Obligation-Aug. 15th
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Pray for Priests! August 2017

August 2017

 God, our Father, please bless our priests, deacons, and seminarians, especially ______ and ______.  Act in them.  Speak in and through them.  Teach, lead and guide them always.  Let them live in You and persevere in intimate union always.  O Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Mother of Jesus and mother of priests, intercede for them.    Amen   

 Fr. Leo Onwumere 08-01  Chuck Springer, p
 Fr. Coady Owens 08-02  Will Summerlin
 Fr. A. Paternoster 08-03  Andrew Thorntion
 Fr. Dominic Petan 08-04  Jeffery Todd, Jr.
 Fr. Sean Pogue 08-05  Elliot Zak
 Fr. Tom Poulson OP 08-06  Stan Zak, p
 Fr. Richard Puetz 008-07  Sean Aaron
 Dcn Bill Rahill 08-08  Will Beardmore

 Fr. David Rasner

08-09  Michael Block
 Dcn Bill Reid 08-10  Chris Bock, p
 Fr. Chris Roberts 08-11  Ed Boes, p
 Fr. Ted Rothrock 08-12  Dcn Christian DeCarlo
 Fr. Tony Rowland 08-13  Dcn James DeOreo
 Dcn Jim Rush 08-14  Jason Diebolt
 Fr. Cassian Sama, OP 08-15  Joseph Domina
 Fr. Martin Sandhage 08-16  Matthew Jakupco
 Fr. Kevin Scalf 08-17  Thomas Kappes
 Fr. Ron Schiml 08-18  Griffin McHaffie
 Dcn Mark Schipper 08-19  Andrew Morand
 Msgr. Robert Sell 08-20  Tim Perry, p
 Fr. Chris Shocklee 08-21  Joe Poremski, p
 Fr. Daniel Shine 08-22  Steve Seitz, p
 Fr. William Stang 08-23  James Shaw
 Fr. Travis Stephens 08-24  Chuck Springer, p
 Dcn Truman Stevens 08-25  William Summerlin
 Fr. Stanislaw Tabor 08-26  Andrew Thornton
 Fr. C. Thompson 08-27  Jeffery Todd, Jr
 Fr. Eric Underwood 08-28  Elliot Zak 
 Fr. Peter Vanderkolk 08-29  Stan Zak, p
 Dcn Joe VanSchepen 08-30  Sean Aaron
 Fr. Mark Walter 08-31  Will Beardmore

p= studying for permanent diaconate