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Pray for Priests! May 2017

May 2017

O Mary, Mother of Jesus and mother of priests, tenderly watch over our priests, deacons and seminarians, especially  ________ and _______.  Please intercede for them during this month that honors you.  Protect them and help them grow in their love, courage, perseverance and joy all for the glory of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.    Amen.   

 Fr. Joseph Aytona 05-01  Jeffery Todd, Jr
 Fr. P. Baikauskas OP 05-02  Elliot Zak
 Fr. James Bates 05-03  Stan Zak
 Fr. Joshua Bennett 05-05  Sean Aaron
 Fr. Robert Bernotas 05-06  Will Beardmore
 Fr. Gerald Borawski 05-06  Michael Block
 Fr. Phil Bowers 05-07  Chris Bock, p
 Fr. David Buckles 05-08  Ed Boes, p

 Dcn Jerry Cain

05-09  Dcn Michael Bower
 Dcn D. Castillo 05-10  Dcn Cole Daily
 Ch Capt Tim Clegg 05-11  Christian DeCarlo
 Fr. Pat Click 05-12  James DeOreo
 Fr. Paul Cochran 05-13  Jason Diebolt
 Fr. Ron Comeau 05-14  Joseph Domina
 Fr. Timothy Combs OP 05-15  Matthew Jakupco
 Fr. Philip Cover 05-16  Thomas Kappes
 Fr. Alan Cox 05-17  Griffin McHaffie
 Fr. John Cummings 05-18  Andrew Morand
 Fr. Andy DeKeyser 05-19  Dcn John Nguyen
 Fr. Ed Dhondt   RIP 05-20  Dcn Coady Owens
 Fr. Brian Doerr 05-21  Tim Perry, p
 Fr. Richard Doerr 05-22  Joe Poremski, p
 Fr. A. Dudzinski 05-23  Steve Seitz, p
 Fr. Brian Dudzinski 05-24  James Shaw
 Fr. Ted Dudzinski 05-25  Chuck Springer,p
 Fr. Daniel Duff 05-26  Will Summerlin
 Msgr John Duncan 05-27  Andrew Thornton
 Fr. Stephen Duquaine 05-28  Jeffery Todd, Jr
 Fr. Cajetan Ebuziem 05-29  Elliot Zak
 Fr. Dale Ehrman 05-30  Stan Zak, p
 Dcn John Etter 05-31  Sean Aaron

p= studying for permanent diaconate